Season 6 Episode 19: St. Patrick's Day

It's St. Patrick's Day, and the CEO forces the office to work late because she won't leave. In addition, Michael unsuccessfully tries to suck up to his new boss, and Andy and Erin's first date is delayed because Erin is sick.

Rating: 848.7 arrow_upward(+38.5)

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Opponent Result New rating
S7E8 Viewing Party (921.6) W 848.7 arrow_upward(+20.2)
S6E9 Double Date (842.9) L 828.5 arrow_downward(-16.1)
S8E12 Pool Party (938.0) W 844.6 arrow_upward(+21.1)
S3E9 The Convict (1369.5) L 823.5 arrow_downward(-1.3)
S3E22 Beach Games (1317.1) L 824.8 arrow_downward(-1.8)
S2E8 Performance Review (1044.8) D 826.6 arrow_upward(+9.2)
S3E12 Traveling Salesmen (1145.5) L 817.4 arrow_downward(-4.3)
S7E9 (849.5) W 821.7 arrow_upward(+18.1)
S5E19 Two Weeks (1194.8) L 803.6 arrow_downward(-3.1)
S2E18 Take Your Daughter to Work Day (1173.2) L 806.7 arrow_downward(-3.5)