Season 6 Episode 21: Happy Hour

Oscar gets everybody in the office to go to Happy Hour so that he can hit on a coworker in shipping. Pam tries to set up Michael with a friend at the bar, but Michael's alter ego, "Date Mike," threatens to spoil the entire evening.

Rating: 870.7 arrow_downward(-19.1)

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S7E9 (800.0) L 870.7 arrow_downward(-20.1)
S7E13 The Seminar (891.0) W 890.8 arrow_upward(+16.8)
S6E7 The Lover (1039.7) L 874.0 arrow_downward(-9.2)
S7E4 Sex Ed (927.3) W 883.2 arrow_upward(+18.9)
S9E11 Suit Warehouse (711.5) W 864.3 arrow_upward(+9.8)
S2E17 Dwight's Speech (1089.6) L 854.5 arrow_downward(-6.8)
S8E7 Pam's Replacement (707.5) W 861.3 arrow_upward(+9.7)
S2E10 Christmas Party (1150.9) L 851.6 arrow_downward(-5.0)
S9E6 The Boat (806.9) L 856.6 arrow_downward(-19.1)
S8E11 Trivia (932.2) L 875.7 arrow_downward(-14.1)