Season 7 Episode 4: Sex Ed

A herpes scare causes Michael to get back in touch with his ex-girlfriends, where he decides to reevaluate those relationships. Meanwhile, Andy tries to teach safe sex to his officemates, bu the has a clear ulterior motive.

Rating: 899.4 arrow_downward(-5.6)

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S8E21 Angry Andy (643.0) W 914.1 arrow_upward(+5.7)
S6E21 Happy Hour (864.3) L 908.4 arrow_downward(-18.9)
S8E22 Fundraiser (661.1) W 927.3 arrow_upward(+5.8)
S7E3 Andy's Play (969.8) W 921.5 arrow_upward(+19.1)
S3E22 Beach Games (1323.2) L 902.4 arrow_downward(-2.6)