Season 7 Episode 14: The Search

When Jim gets an emergency phone call from Helene, he is forced to leave Michael in the bathroom of a gas station. Meanwhile, Holly, Erin and Dwight set out on a journey to find Michael. ...

Rating: 1087.2 arrow_downward(-2.8)

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S4E6 Branch Wars (1197.3) L 1087.2 arrow_downward(-11.6)
S2E8 Performance Review (1067.4) W 1098.8 arrow_upward(+15.3)
S7E8 Viewing Party (909.0) L 1083.5 arrow_downward(-24.3)
S6E19 St. Patrick's Day (885.2) L 1107.8 arrow_downward(-25.8)
S1E3 Health Care (890.6) W 1133.6 arrow_upward(+6.5)
S3E23 The Job (1167.7) W 1127.1 arrow_upward(+18.7)
S7E8 Viewing Party (911.8) W 1108.4 arrow_upward(+8.1)
S7E2 Counseling (961.0) W 1100.3 arrow_upward(+10.3)
S5E13 Stress Relief (1376.2) L 1090.0 arrow_downward(-5.3)
S7E7 Christening (809.4) W 1095.3 arrow_upward(+5.3)