Season 8 Episode 1: The List

New Dunder Mifflin CEO Robert California leaves a piece of paper with a line down the middle that has names of the Scranton staff on either side of it, leading everyone to try and figure out what it means.

Rating: 858.9 arrow_downward(-78.0)

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S8E21 Angry Andy (658.3) W 858.9 arrow_upward(+7.9)
S1E3 Health Care (861.0) L 851.0 arrow_downward(-16.3)
S9E4 Work Bus (823.6) L 867.3 arrow_downward(-18.9)
S9E13 Junior Salesman (708.4) D 886.2 arrow_downward(-7.8)
S7E13 The Seminar (857.4) L 894.0 arrow_downward(-18.5)
S5E7 Business Trip (1038.8) L 912.5 arrow_downward(-10.9)
S4E11 Night Out (1119.7) L 923.4 arrow_downward(-8.1)
S3E12 Traveling Salesmen (1132.7) L 931.5 arrow_downward(-7.9)
S5E17 Golden Ticket (997.5) W 939.4 arrow_upward(+19.5)
S6E22 Secretary's Day (916.0) L 919.9 arrow_downward(-17.0)