Season 8 Episode 15: Tallahassee

Dwight refuses to let a appendicitis get in the way of leading his new team in Tallahassee, while Andy decides to step in for Erin as secretary in the office.

Rating: 682.4 arrow_upward(+24.8)

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S7E21 Goodbye, Michael (1317.5) L 682.4 arrow_downward(-0.8)
S5E16 Blood Drive (1044.8) W 683.2 arrow_upward(+28.9)
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S8E24 Free Family Portrait Studio (729.8) W 656.8 arrow_upward(+20.2)
S4E8 The Deposition (1186.1) L 636.6 arrow_downward(-1.3)
S4E10 Chair Model (1104.0) L 637.9 arrow_downward(-2.1)
S8E12 Pool Party (999.1) L 640.0 arrow_downward(-3.7)
S7E21 Goodbye, Michael (1303.2) L 643.7 arrow_downward(-0.7)
S9E3 Andy's Ancestry (751.4) L 644.4 arrow_downward(-11.7)
S3E8 The Merger (1184.0) L 656.1 arrow_downward(-1.5)