Season 9 Episode 4: Work Bus

When Jim convinces Dwight that the building is unsafe, Dwight rents a bus and sets up the office inside. Nellie asks for Andy's help in adopting a baby. Meanwhile, Jim tries to make Pam happy with some pie.

Rating: 823.6 arrow_downward(-86.9)

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S9E14 Vandalism (683.5) L 807.3 arrow_downward(-22.4)
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S9E8 The Target (848.3) L 846.7 arrow_downward(-16.7)
S9E7 The Whale (774.1) L 863.4 arrow_downward(-20.9)
S2E17 Dwight's Speech (1098.6) L 884.3 arrow_downward(-7.5)
S2E2 Sexual Harassment (1213.7) L 891.8 arrow_downward(-4.4)
S9E21 Livin' the Dream (946.5) L 896.2 arrow_downward(-14.3)