Season 9 Episode 7: The Whale

The office trains Dwight to sell to a female client without being offensive--only to discover that the client is Jan Levinson, Angela and Oscar both think the senator is cheating on them, ...

Rating: 815.1 arrow_upward(+36.6)

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S3E17 Cocktails (1044.6) W 815.1 arrow_upward(+26.0)
S5E23 Broke (1219.5) L 789.1 arrow_downward(-2.5)
S5E8 Frame Toby (1120.8) L 791.6 arrow_downward(-4.3)
S5E17 Golden Ticket (989.2) L 795.9 arrow_downward(-8.2)
S4E5 Local Ad (1205.0) L 804.1 arrow_downward(-2.9)
S6E10 Murder (1150.1) L 807.0 arrow_downward(-4.0)
S7E20 Michael's Last Dundies (1115.3) L 811.0 arrow_downward(-4.8)
S6E20 New Leads (902.2) W 815.8 arrow_upward(+20.8)
S9E4 Work Bus (884.3) W 795.0 arrow_upward(+20.9)
S5E8 Frame Toby (1097.1) L 774.1 arrow_downward(-4.4)