Season 4 Episode 12: Did I Stutter?

Michael tries to figure out how to respond to Stanley's insubordination during a meeting, and Dwight buys Andy's vehicle and immediately flips it for more money.

Rating: 1108.1 arrow_downward(-88.6)

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S3E22 Beach Games (1315.5) L 1108.1 arrow_downward(-7.7)
S5E12 Prince Family Paper (1090.9) L 1115.8 arrow_downward(-18.0)
S5E14 Lecture Circuit: Part 1 (1029.3) L 1133.8 arrow_downward(-21.6)
S7E12 Ultimatum (848.3) W 1155.4 arrow_upward(+4.8)
S4E14 Goodbye, Toby (1384.4) L 1150.6 arrow_downward(-6.8)
S2E8 Performance Review (1067.2) L 1157.4 arrow_downward(-20.9)
S2E10 Christmas Party (1249.0) L 1178.3 arrow_downward(-13.4)
S7E23 Dwight K. Schrute, (Acting) Manager (918.0) W 1191.7 arrow_upward(+5.6)
S7E10 China (931.2) L 1186.1 arrow_downward(-26.7)
S4E6 Branch Wars (1199.3) W 1212.8 arrow_upward(+16.1)