Season 5 Episode 9: The Surplus

Michael has to spend the office surplus by they end of the day, but he can't decide between a copier or new chairs. Dwight plays a dirty trick on Angela as they prepare for Andy and Angela's wedding on the beet farm.

Rating: 1089.6 arrow_downward(-37.1)

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S7E6 Costume Contest (819.1) W 1089.6 arrow_upward(+5.7)
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S5E8 Frame Toby (1110.1) L 1112.3 arrow_downward(-16.9)
S3E8 The Merger (1207.6) W 1129.2 arrow_upward(+20.4)
S7E10 China (1036.6) W 1108.8 arrow_upward(+13.3)
S2E18 Take Your Daughter to Work Day (1224.3) L 1095.5 arrow_downward(-10.8)
S3E19 Safety Training (1177.7) L 1106.3 arrow_downward(-13.3)
S8E3 Lotto (784.3) W 1119.6 arrow_upward(+4.1)
S2E20 Drug Testing (1234.0) L 1115.5 arrow_downward(-11.2)