Season 6 Episode 1: Gossip

Michael regrets revealing that Stanley is having an affair, so he spreads a bunch of lies about everyone else to cover his tracks--except that one of the lies that he spread actually turns out to be true.

Rating: 983.0 arrow_downward(-93.8)

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S2E6 The Fight (1072.5) L 983.0 arrow_downward(-12.5)
S8E21 Angry Andy (629.7) W 995.5 arrow_upward(+3.5)
S2E6 The Fight (1064.3) L 992.0 arrow_downward(-13.3)
S3E17 Cocktails (1066.3) L 1005.3 arrow_downward(-13.8)
S7E23 Dwight K. Schrute, (Acting) Manager (859.1) L 1019.1 arrow_downward(-23.8)
S7E11 Classy Christmas (966.6) L 1042.9 arrow_downward(-20.3)
S3E11 Back from Vacation (1175.1) L 1063.2 arrow_downward(-11.5)
S8E17 Test the Store (901.0) W 1074.7 arrow_upward(+8.9)
S5E7 Business Trip (1032.9) W 1065.8 arrow_upward(+15.2)
S9E1 New Guys (816.6) L 1050.6 arrow_downward(-26.2)