Season 8 Episode 20: Welcome Party

Andy tries to break up with his girlfriend after going to Florida after declaring his love for Erin, and the office employees are forced against their will to throw a party for the hated Nellie.

Rating: 629.2 arrow_upward(+5.1)

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S2E4 The Fire (1229.6) L 640.6 arrow_downward(-1.0)
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S4E13 Job Fair (999.5) L 642.8 arrow_downward(-3.7)
S2E20 Drug Testing (1225.8) L 646.5 arrow_downward(-1.1)
S3E1 Gay Witch Hunt (1336.2) L 647.6 arrow_downward(-0.6)
S3E23 The Job (1113.2) L 648.2 arrow_downward(-2.1)
S6E20 New Leads (885.0) W 650.3 arrow_upward(+26.2)