Season 9 Episode 1: New Guys

Dwight and Jim are intimidated by the office's newest additions, who are considered younger versions of themselves. Meanwhile, Andy tries to make Nellie's life miserable, and Angela tries to get rid of one of her cats.

Rating: 810.7 arrow_downward(-2.1)

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S8E5 Spooked (767.3) L 786.9 arrow_downward(-17.7)
S8E22 Fundraiser (602.5) W 804.6 arrow_upward(+7.9)
S7E21 Goodbye, Michael (1230.8) L 796.7 arrow_downward(-2.5)
S4E9 Dinner Party (1489.6) L 799.2 arrow_downward(-0.6)
S6E19 St. Patrick's Day (879.1) L 799.8 arrow_downward(-13.0)