Season 9 Episode 8: The Target

Angela orders a hit on Oscar for cheating with her husband, the office makes a tower with their customer complaint cards, Jim wines and dines Stanley and Phyllis in exchange for a favor, and Pam begins her mural.

Rating: 784.7 arrow_downward(-6.1)

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Opponent Result New rating
S8E13 Jury Duty (745.9) W 784.7 arrow_upward(+14.9)
S5E22 Heavy Competition (1145.2) L 769.8 arrow_downward(-3.4)
S8E4 Garden Party (1030.9) L 773.2 arrow_downward(-6.1)
S4E6 Branch Wars (1229.0) L 779.3 arrow_downward(-2.3)
S7E18 Garage Sale (1114.4) L 781.6 arrow_downward(-4.2)
S4E12 Did I Stutter? (1078.6) L 785.8 arrow_downward(-5.1)
S9E23 Finale (1560.6) L 790.9 arrow_downward(-0.4)
S2E20 Drug Testing (1204.8) L 791.3 arrow_downward(-2.8)
S3E8 The Merger (1187.2) L 794.1 arrow_downward(-3.1)
S8E11 Trivia (936.9) D 797.2 arrow_upward(+6.4)