Season 9 Episode 14: Vandalism

Pam tries to find out who vandalized her mural, Darryl finds out that Jim is a slob, and Oscar goes to Angela and The Senator's child's first birthday party.

Rating: 725.5 arrow_upward(+19.6)

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S1E1 Pilot (752.9) L 725.5 arrow_downward(-15.5)
S3E19 Safety Training (1213.4) L 741.0 arrow_downward(-2.0)
S3E14 Ben Franklin (1116.8) L 743.0 arrow_downward(-3.4)
S2E2 Sexual Harassment (1197.1) W 746.4 arrow_upward(+30.1)
S8E15 Tallahassee (773.0) L 716.3 arrow_downward(-14.0)
S8E24 Free Family Portrait Studio (717.4) W 730.3 arrow_upward(+16.1)
S3E15 Phyllis' Wedding (1089.9) L 714.2 arrow_downward(-3.4)
S9E19 Stairmageddon (910.9) W 717.6 arrow_upward(+24.9)
S6E11 Shareholder Meeting (886.8) L 692.7 arrow_downward(-8.2)
S8E11 Trivia (999.8) L 700.9 arrow_downward(-5.0)