Season 9 Episode 21: Livin' the Dream

Dwight becomes regional manager after Andy quits his job, Jim dedicates more time to his Dunder Mifflin job to save his marriage, and Angela has problems with her new living arrangements after her breakup with The Senator.

Rating: 913.0 arrow_downward(-70.7)

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S4E1 Fun Run (1378.2) L 913.0 arrow_downward(-2.1)
S3E13 The Return (1177.9) L 915.1 arrow_downward(-5.9)
S8E23 Turf War (811.8) W 921.0 arrow_upward(+11.6)
S6E11 Shareholder Meeting (873.8) W 909.4 arrow_upward(+15.1)
S2E9 E-Mail Surveillance (1149.9) L 894.3 arrow_downward(-6.1)
S6E6 Mafia (917.2) L 900.4 arrow_downward(-16.0)
S8E17 Test the Store (910.0) D 916.4 arrow_downward(-0.3)
S8E24 Free Family Portrait Studio (693.5) L 916.7 arrow_downward(-25.8)
S6E9 Double Date (876.0) L 942.5 arrow_downward(-19.9)
S7E9 (864.9) L 962.4 arrow_downward(-21.3)