Season 3 Episode 20: Product Recall

Michael tries to be proactive during a watermark crisis, but only makes the situation worse. Meanwhile, Angela has trouble being apologetic with customers, and Andy discovers a secret about his new girlfriend.

Rating: 1140.4 arrow_downward(-2.7)

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Opponent Result New rating
S4E6 Branch Wars (1256.0) W 1140.4 arrow_upward(+22.0)
S2E3 Office Olympics (1147.1) L 1118.4 arrow_downward(-15.4)
S6E16 Manager and Salesman (890.3) W 1133.8 arrow_upward(+6.5)
S5E2 Business Ethics (963.2) L 1127.3 arrow_downward(-23.9)
S7E23 Dwight K. Schrute, (Acting) Manager (861.1) W 1151.2 arrow_upward(+5.2)
S3E5 Initiation (1139.7) W 1146.0 arrow_upward(+16.5)
S4E3 Launch Party (1087.8) W 1129.5 arrow_upward(+14.8)
S6E3 The Promotion (908.4) W 1114.7 arrow_upward(+7.7)
S6E5 Niagara Part 2 (1095.3) L 1107.0 arrow_downward(-17.3)
S5E17 Golden Ticket (1080.6) L 1124.3 arrow_downward(-18.8)