Season 5 Episode 15: Lecture Circuit: Part 2

Michael and Pam go to Nashua and discover that Holly has a new boyfriend. At the office, Jim and Dwight try to come up with a theme for Kelly's birthday party, and Angela gets a new cat.

Rating: 1103.5 arrow_upward(+23.8)

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S4E11 Night Out (1114.7) L 1103.5 arrow_downward(-16.2)
S2E19 Michael's Birthday (1206.3) L 1119.7 arrow_downward(-12.6)
S3E18 The Negotiation (1203.8) W 1132.3 arrow_upward(+20.1)
S6E6 Mafia (929.8) W 1112.2 arrow_upward(+8.6)
S3E14 Ben Franklin (1090.8) L 1103.6 arrow_downward(-17.4)
S5E5 Employee Transfer (956.1) W 1121.0 arrow_upward(+9.3)
S2E21 Conflict Resolution (1255.8) W 1111.7 arrow_upward(+23.2)
S3E5 Initiation (1126.0) W 1088.5 arrow_upward(+18.6)
S7E4 Sex Ed (858.5) W 1069.9 arrow_upward(+7.6)
S2E17 Dwight's Speech (1048.2) L 1062.3 arrow_downward(-17.4)